01 March 2010


  1. picture 3 = tigerlily
    picture 4 = early 90's decor
    pic 8 = IFTK

  2. please, come to poland on the heineken open'er festival. i'm beggin' You...
    i'm not another desperated fan, i just want to hear the best music in the whole world that You, Michael, Mickey and William are creating.
    i hope You'll read my note...
    if You want to say sth. for Yours fans in the middle of nowhere (read poland), just write to me- mirowskanat@gmail.com

  3. Oiii...criei um blog se chama LA ROUX FÃ
    para todos os fãs brasileiros de LA ROUX

    o endereço é http://laroux-fa.blogspot.com


  4. Actually, Belarussians are people as well and want to hear the best band EVER live!!