16 July 2010


  1. oh bring me along!


  2. On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again..." Looks like fun guys!

  3. Not too long ago I heard "In For the Kill" and "Im Not Your Toy" and your music brought back memories of Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Blondie...and others of the 80' new wave movement. I feel like an unlikely fan because people are always making assumptions about my likes and dislikes based on my appearance, age, and even race. I'm supposed to be a strictly R&B, rap, and/or gospel music fan. Whenever I come across great music and want to share it with others, I get the strangest looks. I keep begging people to "LISTEN to the lyrics!! You can understand the music if you want to understand." It's not about persuading someone to be a fan. Artists such as La Roux are genuinely talented singers, poets and musicians, who deserve a second, third, forth, fifth listen. FREE YOUR MIND PEOPLE! lol.


  4. You are having fun...i can see....
    well, i wish you the best! Eleanor...you are a beautiful person...
    i'm gonna record a single these year....you will tell me what you think about it. (laughter)

    see you in London!.

  5. hey!!i'm from Spain and i have 2 say that maybe british music is the best!!!
    and LaRoux is the best band i've ever heard!
    COME " SPAIN AGAIN,PLEASE!i need another concert!!!<33333
    i love u Elly(=