28 August 2010


  1. great Pics(=
    i'm from Spain,and i love them(=

  2. Beans out of a can? Ha! Looks like La Roux is on a tight budget. Great photo. Keep'em coming.

    F that guy giving the bird in the photo. He ruined it.

    Much love from L.A.

  3. awww, aweeesome pics :D Elly looks sooo cute when she´s eating her beans :P

  4. Oh, these pictures are so lovely! I just discovered this blog and I'm completely crazy about it. Kudos to the photographer--these images are incredible! I'd love to know what kind of camera is being used. :)

    I've been on such an intense La Roux kick lately--all I've been listening to. Dying to get to one of your gigs in the US in November, but I'm in Phoenix, AZ and can't quite make the trip. It's no good at all! Hopefully you guys make it down here at some point or another! You've got some huge fans here, that's for sure.

    Thanks for the gorgy pictures! Keep them coming! :)

  5. I LOVE beans! And I love your music! Come back to sweden very soon, I will be very sad if I can't see you live sometime. Missed you at Berns and at Way out west. Hope to see you soon!