03 November 2010


  1. yooo i'm so serious! i'm going to post my comment here too! not trying to be a bother, just want Elly Jackson to brand me!

    hi hey. i understand la roux is coming to hartford cT on tour very soon! i live in the area and i'm definitely going to the show.

    i have a special request though...i'd like for elly jackson to autograph my body so i can have it tattooed? it's an obscure request but i so want to do it. if this gets to the band, please make this happen (and comment to let me know you'll do so! i'll check everyday). I'll be at the show and will have a sharpie ready.

    Narayan (Nuh-ryan)

  2. Thanks for coming to Atlanta! Awesome!!

  3. Oh my gosh, sick show in Atlanta! SO GOOD! Thank you so much! Getting to meet you guys & getting a hug from Elly after the show was just the perfect ending to a great night. :) Thanks so much! Hope to see you guys on tour again very very soon!

  4. Love you!
    check out this one featuring "In for the kill," "Tigerlilly" and "Bulletproof:" youtube.com/watch?v=_V0YabMoSB0