21 February 2011

Celebrating Grammy win for Best Electronic/Dance Album!!!

Photoshoot for OUT Magazine in LA

Interview with Young Hollywood

Shoot for Elle Magazine on a tour bus at the Paramount Lot Party

Receiving Platinum discs from our label for sales of Bulletproof reaching over 2million in the US!


  1. Good on you Elly! Totally deserved it!

    -Love a lifetime Montreal Fan :)

  2. Ahhhh! I'm so happy for you-- it didn't take long at all for the States to catch on to how kickass La Roux is huh. And your line about Kathy Griffin was spot on. Enjoy!!!!

  3. I'm a huge fan and I'm listen your music now: In for the kill. Love you so much! Please follow my blog! Kisses from Brazil!!!

  4. well i'm a fan and i love your music, and this is going to be freak; but as a blogger i really like the photos this blog have, they have originality, and i like to I want to "reward" that with a "present " you can see on my blog, I hope you continue the chain!

  5. Would luv to do some artwork for you.

    greetings from vienna

  6. the fifth picture is now my desktop background :)