02 July 2013



  1. I just came back from Festival Marés Vivas here in Portugal . First of all I want to apologize about my bad english and the terrible audience you've got today .
    As always you were phenomenal but the public has destroyed everything .
    For a moment I thought I was the only one who dance and knew the songs from beginning to end . The rest of the audience was blank .
    It's not your fault , it's the organization from the festival . Unfortunately you have been placed in one of the worst festivals in the country and with bands that has no coherence between them . (I bought a ticket just to see La Roux , I've waiting for this moment since 2009 .)
    Also I want to thank you for giving a great concert and apologize , one more time , for this people that filled me with shame , which occupied the entire front of the stage to see David Guetta leaving La Roux fans in last row .
    Please do not be afraid to come back here because you'll have many fans when this new album come out .
    BTW , those new song are fantastic !

    Good luck ! <3

    Ana Catalarrana

  2. i love you and can't want until you come back!