10 April 2009


  1. your hair is like mine!
    ps i love your voice.

  2. i loooooooooove the first pic <3
    and i use the same hairspray lol

    cherry blossom girl

  3. you are absolutely beautiful. i adore your cameos! & you make it that much cooler to be a redhead ;]

    ive made a couple posts about you over on my blog; http://tenseventen.blogspot.com/

    im pretty much obsessed with you & am dying for you to come over & do another gig in nyc cos i will so be there - front row!

    much love, xxx Abby

  4. i have to agree with the previous comment, except for the post about you over on her blog, i dont own one yet!! well yes i wish you would come over and do a gig in malta (europe)I'm obsessed, with your songs, the way your hair looks, and the clothes you wear i adore you!! and i also love ladyhawke, but not as much as i adore you!!!! xp hope to cu in one of your gigs someday

    Much Love, Marietta
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  5. i feel much better for being ginger now lol, you make it awesome XXX

  6. i LOVE you necklace ^^

    xxxxx Lots of Lovexxxxxxx

  7. u know what's super? that the athor girls put make up on, and u don't :D cool. you have a natural beauty

  8. 1. I love your style, Elly. Hair, clothes, voice - EVERYTHING
    2. Can u, please, go to Poland (Europe) and perform there same songs - that's my biggest wish.

    Love u, La Roux :****
    Kisses from Poland