18 March 2009


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  2. I'm totally blown away by Skreams lets get ravey mix of "In For The Kill"
    Best track I've heard in bloody ages
    Best of luck
    Tracy x

  3. I can't wait for this album I absolutely love 'In for the kill', 'Quicksand' and 'I'm not your toy'
    I will be buying your album first day it's out.
    Best of luck x

  4. Ace. And I see In For The Kill is at number 11 - good work. Do you have an album release date?

  5. You'd think they would give you a chair having a track at number 11 in the charts!!
    Great stuff from you, looking forward to hearing more :)

  6. im a great fan.i think in for the kill is great.cant wait 4 the album.im getting it as soon as in can

  7. Well What can i say...
    Im from brazil, an here is really hard to find someone who knows la roux... you know, people here are not the kind of persons who listen to your wonderfull music...
    Im in love!!!! I love la roux, and i really know, some day we´ll get to know each other!!!
    Im a model, im going there, and somehow i´ll figure out you number girl !!! lol
    Im waiting since mounths ago for you album... Almost freaking out
    add me if you like !!
    ( crazy fan, but i had to try this )
    Lia Iribarrem

  8. It is hard to find details on you in Nottingham but I do hope to find out more it would be good if your web page had details of things like song titles how and where you can hear samples release dates times and places that fans may get to see you, hears hoping you read this.

  9. u make the 80's, shoulderpads and gelled hair sexyy xx luv u all
    c u in melbourne xx