18 March 2009

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  1. {cool performance..i think that you made one mistake in lyrics..heh..good work for so big audience}
    i'm not sure that you personaly(Elly)read these comments but i have you say that i'm really interested in your music, it is unique combination of sounds..As about you,don't want to make you shy but in my opinion you have the best style i've ever seen in artist.I really want to see you live, but i live in greece..so i hope you ll have performance at Grecce one day..My band & me often organise privet parties(not very crazy)like in metall "dirty" pab..heh..then we relax is some Greek islands near to our town.If you want,u can join us ,you have good company in Grecce!!
    Wish you to have crazy lovley time!

    (it would be fantastic if you could contact me nansykav@hotmail.com or anastasias.1988@gmail.com)