18 March 2009


  1. WATCHA FROM tHE SHIPPS, freinds of your Mums and Uncle David.
    The last time we saw you you were having fun on the back of my Harley in Steyning.
    Anyways very best of luck from Andrew Clare Ollie Pete and Stef.

  2. OMG ur smile is beautiful. cant wait to c u in melboune <3 u guys are the best xx

  3. Thank you for the music. Never in my life I've listened to an entire album nonstop! been listening on my ipod while working. i can't even hear my boss calling me :) Even if the other songs will not be released as a single, all of them are worth listening to. More please... come to The Philippines!!! I want to watch live! Dang, we're too far. Anyways, I'll just enjoy watching you on Youtube.