05 August 2009


  1. you lot are the coolest - EVER!

    elly, mickey, mikey & william = love.

    keep doin' what you do - cant wait to hit up a few gigs in october!

    much love, xxx

  2. Elly and a vespa: PERFECT!!! love it!

  3. LOVE the picture of Elly on the sofa! Can't wait for november. RosieX

  4. i Love de little red scooter :) but love u more :D keep up de good singing :D:D

  5. i love everything about La Roux :) and I love Elly (not in that way).

  6. Just returned home and got cleaned up after Reading 09; and I have to say that along with florence a the machine you managed to make my weekend!!

    I thought I would't get to see you 'cause all of my group wanted to see radiohead, but I made a mad dash and got there.
    At the back of the festival repubic stage there was a platform which VIP's and disabled people sat, and I managed to sit on the barrier infront of that so I have a good 5ft on everyone else, and I could see the whole performance perfectly- OH my god it really was amazing, though I think I was one of few who knew every single word to every single song aha!!

    I now have no voice -__-
    it was worth it though!

    I'm currently trying to get my fashion blog off of the ground, and I think I'll include your whole groups style in paticular, because its really fresh and honestly- the quiff is now officially trendy :)

    keep producing quality music; I think it's fantastic-
    good luck!!

  7. i love the sofa! :-D

  8. hehe you leggings match perfectly with the vespa!! Elly + Vespa= SOO RETROO!!

    much of love