05 August 2009


  1. I love you!!:*
    Elly, it must be so great to have such a bunch of people to work with!:)
    Photo with the fat sweet cat holding by Mikey is your best photo EVER!!!!!!
    And so, you conquered the USA I see:))
    Lots of love from Poland:**

  2. Great pics! Looks like lots of fun! :D

    Elly's hair always looks great x3

  3. i really do love you all, as you can see by my blog its basically just you.
    ah, you give me shiverrrrsssssssss.

  4. Love the picture of all you guys with mickey holding the cat - and i love ellys spotty shirt. America looks incredible. Rosie X

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  6. Hi! First of all I would like to apologize for my possible spelling mistakes, but my written English is terrible! Now, finaly I can say how much I like you Guys, your songs, your style, and of course, Elly's hair (which is AMAZING!). I would also like to beg for you to come down here Portugal (which is in the ass of Europe) to a show, you are already a success over here… That would be awesome!! Rock in Rio is coming… Well goodbye keep going and good luck!
    (I bet you will have quite a career!)

    Karol Gotex (karol_502@hotmail.com)

  7. 1st picture:
    shoes with Romero Britto drawings ROCK!! :-)

  8. I just can't stop listen to your album, its awsome. I love you style and music and attidute. I'm also obsesed with your hair, if it suits me i would cut it like yours ^^ hehe. well i hope some day i see you live, coz as if by magic i just cant stop singing your songs!!
    I adore your pics it seems so much fun to hang out with you guys!!! You'r all over my laptop, my msn display, and even on my mobile :) hehe!! Your world to me is simply fantasic!! Good luck with your career and hope someday you visit malta it's in the middle of europe! :)

    Lots of Love
    Thank you for sharing your music with the world!!
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxla roux 4everxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. hi Elly. i don't know if it's truly u who post the pictures...i don't know, i've seen all your interviews available on internet and i think u don't have the time for this.
    But well....If u see this one day, i think that your just great and beautiful, and i ADORE your music. I'm in love with your talent and with your smile. You are soooo great. Thank God that you were born. Your amazing.

    My dream is to meet u for 1 sec :( and to have the opportunity to take a picture with u, maybe.
    I tried sooo hard to get into your GIG :D in Montreal in 24 oct, but all the tickets are sold out. I'm gonna search for tickets this month also. And if i can't see u, i hope just that you're gonna come back really soon.

    well, sorry from my english(I'm Romanian) :D i hope you have a long career.
    You're unique : in style, beauty and talent.
    A "hey!" for your group :D& a "thank you" for your talent. xox


  10. Idk is this real La Roux's blog, but it doesnt matter! I won't be unique and i'll tell that you Guys are my fav band! I've never ever been obsession like now! Your music is sooo coool and thanks Elly. I found my own style :**

    I'm sorry for my bad english :///
    I have only one dream. To see u live on concert or just for 3 second on the street. I'm from Poland (it's middle of Europe) and i'm waiting 4 u!!!

  11. Hello! Great show in Seattle. You all were so kind to meet and talk to my daughter after the show. She will never forget. I was hoping to see the photos here--any chance of posting those?
    Many thanks for your kindness and great music!