23 September 2009


  1. Maaaan! Are you doing concerts in Tokyo? I can't believe it! I wish you were there last month! I spent my summer in Japan I would have loved to come to one of your shows!

  2. Oh~ Now I'm so jealous of you because I miss Tokyo so much. I used to go there quite often. I will definately take my kids there sometimes when they're older. It's a city sparkling with high technology and unique individuals. Very inspiring! Please do try some desserts there because they taste like heaven.

  3. You can take some nice pictures in Lisbon too. :) Don't forget your Portuguese fans ;) You're the best. Luis

  4. Missed you last time in LA, hope I'll see you this time.

  5. Nice pix...
    You are playing in Sydney in next few days, why not come to us here in New Zealand when you are so close?? sad..sad... would have loved to see you here..
    Anyway takecare and Kia ora 2u guys from NZ.

  6. nova dando.com? hahaha that's funny....u have a lot's of fans in Brazil too!!! I'm the number one!!!! come over here have a caipirinha!!!!beijos xxxxxxxx

  7. photos from melbourne??
    you guys were amazing!!
    thank you for performing!!!

  8. Your blog is great and i like the pictures.
    And i just LOVE your music.
    Keep going,
    hugs from elinn in sweden


  9. I FREEKING LOVE YOUUU!!!!!!! BLAHHRRGHH!!!!! IM SOOOO ANNOYED IM NOT 18 AND CANT COME TO YOUR GOLD TOUR (concert) IN MELBOURNE... IM 20!!! I WISH I WAS YOUNG AGAIN. LOL.. I'm 11, and I really would love to come to your gold tour, but i'm pretty sure I cant! (And just to let you know, I have even thought about copying ur hairstyle! sexyful!!) Thankyou... COME TO AN UNDER AGE CONCERT IN AUSTRALIA... LOVE YOU ELLY!! ANYTHING AND EVERYTHIN LA ROUX!!!

  10. hey ! YOU FORGOT POLAND !
    You have fans here too:(
    (I suggest Heineken Opener Festival)
    I adore your music anyway, you're amazing.

    Greetings from Poland!;)