03 October 2009


  1. hola chicos
    excelentes fotos!!!!
    les escribo desde chile, america del sur
    AMO LA ROUX!!!!

  2. OiOi!
    I Loved the pictures! Where is this? Japan?

  3. great pictures.... more with u and the band please :D

    robbie williams??? why is he so serious :))) you're next to him.... and that makes me sad :( however, you're great

  4. Elly you look great as always. Love you sooo much!!! :*

  5. Oh,I see you had a nice dressing room:D your colourful jacket in the picture with the girl in cat-disguise is brilliant! Lots of love:*

  6. your my idle! you are unique, creative & you have the exact same taste in music as me! if you do read this (i hope you do ) i'd just love to tell you how much i wanna be as succesful as you! & those that dont like your voice dont need to cos im sure in another few years you'll be as famous as madonna & britney!
    oh & lovin the pics - cant believe smellie is even a surname!

  7. Great pics! Great artist ^^
    And Smellie, that made me laugh. xD

  8. hey, saw you at parklife sydney. you probably have the prettiest voice i've ever heard, and your synth guy is amazing, always poppy fun bubbly atmosphere.

    want to add you on facebook, but there are too many elly's :(

    <3 bennett w.

  9. elly, i'm so unbearably stoked you're coming to SF :) come on and rock me Amadeus

  10. are you guys ever coming to melbourne cause i love you to bits elly your my idol you are an individual and thats what makes you unique. i love la roux and i am trying to look for you on facebook but no luck :'( love you xoxoxox

  11. When are you coming to Brazil?

    Lots of fans around here, in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

  12. hi there!!!!!!! Can't wait till u come to OZ in March! Elly Jackson's voice and style rocks my world. Good Luck in the future!

  13. PS- i absolutely love the songs Fascination and In For The Kill. I love the video to Bulletproof too, totally awesome. xx
    ps I have you on facebook! :)

  14. heyy. hope u made people in japan like your music!! (i can totally see that happening...).
    where did u take the pic with the pug mural elly?? its soo cool!!
    hopefully your aim/bebo account will be up and running soon enough (i have an aim....)
    i never knew ya can play the drums....... wait. can ya?? i found a pic of ya playing the drums in one of your concerts.... but it looks like an electronic one (almost similar to mine......)

    hopefully ya can create more music videos!!
    lylas elly. (o nd if ya need fashion ideas... just contact me or click my name on the comment list).