02 June 2010


  1. my apt building is in the backdrop of the 3rd photo down!

    you were right in my neck of the woods :)

  2. Few things, sweet sunglasses, Elly.
    I need to visit Austin, obviously.
    I need to adopt a dog and have him choose something off the pet dining menu.
    & finally, you all make me so happy!

  3. Elly, did you get my envelope I threw on stage at the Houston show?

    Either way, it was brilliant, and I was so happy to see you live.

  4. How is it you guys played a show in a town I just moved to (sunday actually) without my knowing?

    ah no matter. The Dallas show was incredible. :)

  5. the firs picture is the best )

  6. oh WICKED bummer I missed you in Austin, my own hometown

  7. omg, this is the best post EVER!! love the sunglasses guys, and i want some of those white boots!! All you guys are looking snazzy in America, love the superman suit William. haha..
    enjoy yourself, guys.
    hope to see you soon in Australia, (wonder how that song is going Elly??)
    xx, S
    Have fun~ <3

  8. luv tha pics.
    where in houston did u take those?? (theyre so coool. i like the ones with u in them.....)
    i want ur glasses nd a tutorial on how u do ur cool hairstyles!! (hopefully u can bring them 2 NY next time u go.....)

    i really want to see the show @ terminal 5 NY (but i cant..... studying 4 finals...... ugh finals. i would defintely rather see u than take a final!!)

    hopefully i might get others to see u live (back in brixton or even london.....)!!

  9. Sunglasses picture was the best! Love the reflection in them. No money for concerts, but loving the tunes I've bought. Keep up the good work! I absolutely love your music. Especially Bulletproof...going through a rough divorce right now. Actually, I feel something in them all. Hugs from America.

  10. I love the picture of the turquoise pool in the middle of all the buildings and windows, kinda surealistic, and with those little palm trees... it must actually feel like an city island! ha ha...
    Have a look at my own blog if you've got time!