13 June 2010


  1. heyy elly!! looks like ya had fun in NYC!!
    come back reaal soon!
    i wish i could have gone 2 terminal 5.... but i had to study for latin (yes. i take latin) and perfect my hairstyle (we have a lot in common. the hairstyle. the same making fun of us when we were thr same age. the same love for 80s music)
    -€LL¥ØT (from twitter. please read what 'soccer171997' wrote to ya. plz respond also)

  2. Hooters! its a family restaurant ;)

  3. Oh yeah! New photo's! love the second last pic, love ur jacket, Elly, and your dress, Mickey. You guys look so relexed, which is good, but I'm pretty sure on the inside that you're just a bit stressed out. Don't worry, have FUN, that's what touring's all about. Your fans LOVE you, and you should be proud that you've introduced a new style to modern music. And thanks to you, I've discovered 80's music, and now am currently drowning in it-in a good way!! I adore everything about the 80's, but my friends don't understand, they think I'm weird, cos I wasn't born in that era.
    But again, I can't thank you enough for introducing me to synthpop, it's my new Me.
    Will always love you guys, no matter what.
    Keep writing fantastic music!!
    xx, S

  4. I have seen over 250 concerts from the biggest names in the music industry over the last 35 years. The performance of La Roux at Terminal 5 in NYC on June 7th 2010 was my favorite. Signed.....the FREAK!

  5. Elly, in the 8th photo you look really thughish!! Love the music, cant wait to see you guys in concert.