17 June 2010


  1. Love La Roux! I think you'll appreciate my wacky and weird design!
    Love heels?!

    You should definitely check out my shoe designing BlogSpot,

    The link is, louboutininthemaking.blogspot.com

    All the designs are hand-drawn! Look forward to seeing what you think! Take care x

  2. Hey guys, how's the tour going? Looks like sooooooooo much fun :)
    Wish i could be there with you, you were great in Australia!
    I love the 3rd photo, it's so sweet :P
    Anyway, Enjoy yourselves touring, keep writing awesome music!!
    xx, S :)

  3. La Roux, you guys were so good at the Isle of Wight Festival, been a big fan for so long and it was such a treat to see you live, made my year, thank you so much :)