20 April 2010


  1. hey guys, loving the photos! just hoping u guys have a great time on tour and that u dont get too tired, love u guys 4 life. loved the album from the first play
    xx, S

  2. You look so happy!! I'm happy too!! Elly on the second photo definetly looks like an angel)))

  3. Hi Elly,
    My name is Alex Im from Orlando, FL. I'm studying a MA in Wales. I'm so excited that I'm going to see you next Tuesday may 06 at Cardiff Student Union. I love you music...all my friends know how much i like you!!! My friend back home are telling me that you are becoming huge there, so happy for you! your music is amazing.
    love the pics of you in the USA, :¬)

  4. The pictures are great! Let's us know what you guys see while in America. Come back soon, to Texas if you can!

  5. You are the Most Amazing group EVER!!!!

  6. I hope you guys enjoyed my city, San Francisco, and my neighborhood, the Lower Haight! Had so much fun at your show at The Fillmore!!


  7. ok. whoo collapsed in pic 18 or 19?? (hopefully its not ben......)
    have i ever told ya that u take great pics?? (i dont think i have.....)
    ya look soooooo good in these pics!! i cant look that good unless i do a pose (preferably like the pics on the UK website).

    come visit america again!! theres always something new!!

    lylas!! (im a few years younger than ya elly.... who cares?? i still like your music and your fashion!! look for an epic comment on the US itunes under 'la roux: bonus track version' with the name 'vivalaroux17elly1997')