28 April 2010


  1. Hello, Im natalia and i live in Argentine, Buenos Aires.
    I love hissongs, his style, all.
    Initiate listening last year and nowadays they are my favorites.
    Here in Argentine, they are not very acquaintances, but i liked that were giving a concert here.
    I liked to go to one of his concerts.
    This year I travel to londres, Im stay quarrelling if for the date that I go they give a concert, but I believe that not.
    I agree to buy me his discs and posters, etc.

    A kiss, look after themselves

    Sorry my english is not very good.

  2. Now you have fresh fish and a lot of peppers.....You can do something tasty, nutritive and lusty with those ingredients.



    ...And "maybe later uh" it's not the answer this time XD.

    (I hope The Kitchen Head survived and he wasn't over in a river)

  3. love the guitars mikey and elly, adore all your songs in acoustic versions, they sound amazing!
    keep the cool poses coming! Loved every minute of your concert
    xx, S

  4. the lusty lady is closing (they have a contest to come up with the grand finale slogan) i'm quite crushed

  5. La Roux in Brazil!!!!! please!!!!!

  6. The Lusty Lady pic made me laugh... I'd almost forgotten about their marquee. Love the photo's and the blog.