26 April 2010


  1. oh my god that looks just like me... i also have five pair of eyes lol. am i wrong but is there also a shop called the vibes?

  2. Nice blog! when are you coming to Argentina??!
    we're waiting for you!
    lot of kisses.

  3. yesh there is a music store called 'vibes' in london :P
    u guys rock, can't wait to hear the finished product of your new song..can't wait..but have a great time touring, enjoy yoursleves guys!
    william- AWESOME drummer, Mickey & Mikey- the most talented keyboardists, Ben- the coolest partner to any band, Elly- stunning frontwoman with the most AMAZING voice & hair..
    lov u guys 4 life..
    xx, S

  4. My heart belongs to you FOREVER!!!!