23 April 2010


  1. hey guys, looks like ur havin' fun in coachella! gosh those gold people are crazy, but its awesome to see that there are so many la roux fans there! :P love the parrot and the giraffes, mickey!!
    love the green eyeshadow and pineapple in the 6th photo too, elly. AWESOME.
    enjoy the rest of ur tour, hope to see u guys again soon, Australia loves u!
    xx, S

  2. o how i wish i could have followed ya 2 california.... but instead i had 2 play a lax (lacrosse) game out on the east end of L.I. (new york).
    it looks like ya had sooo much fun over in coachella (is that your handwriting on the car that says 'coachella 10'?? if so, we have the same writing!!) ... but ya might have fun on long island (new york..... if u have ever been there).

    keep rockin the green eyeshadow and the pineapple (pic # 6) and (dont forget) the hair!!!

    lylas elly! (only a few years younger than ya but i wrote an epic comment on 'la roux: bonus track version' in the US itunes under the name 'vivalaroux17elly1997')

  3. i absolutly am completely obsessed with this mama. COACHELLA 10 show was by far the best. the whole crowd singing, no SCREAMING the lyrics, i missed the 7/15 show :( but i move to SF in the fall and i hope to see your little redwave head there soon.

    always a pleasure to be a fan